Family and friends bid Warne farewell

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Family and friends bid Warne farewell

At our local chapel of rest, the undertaker's wife dressed Sarah and Vicki in their favourite clothes. I couldn't wait to welcome them home from their terrible ordeal and to have them back with me, in their own surroundings again.

The gathering featured a who's who of the cricketing world, with retired Australian Test captains Mark Taylor, Allan Border and Michael Clarke attending along with former England skipper Michael Vaughan.

Guests were invited to wear St Kilda scarves and a pair of them were draped across Warne's coffin as it was driven around the oval to the sound of the 1970s Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes hit The Time of My Life.

The OA comes from longtime creative team Brit Marling (who also stars as Prairie) and Zal Batmanglij. The show feels like the product of buzzing minds excitedly throwing out idea after idea. The OA is as intense as it is dense, exploring the human condition, mortality, the afterlife and… the multiverse.

As we were driving out of the cemetery, we heard on the radio that Liverpool Football Club had opened up Anfield for people to pay their respects.

We agreed that we'd like to go and place flowers on the spot where Sarah and Vicki had always stood to watch Liverpool play.

'I wanted what was next for me, I wanted my next adventure- my next challenge. I'm thankful for whoever heard me. You gifted me this. No matter how dark the world might get I will always know that the light is right around the corner.

My beautiful boy Ziggy.'

She told us her name was Doreen Jones and that she had lost her son Richard, along with his lovely girlfriend Tracey Cox.

Both were in their early 20s and had science degrees from Sheffield University.

The first series, penned by Simon Nye of Men Behaving Badly fame, aired last autumn with the final episode attracting five million viewers who watched to find out if Mariette would leave for Paris alone. 

He showed us to the players' lounge, where we found members of the clergy, players and their wives.

We met Marina Dalglish, wife of the Liverpool manager Kenny, and she sat with us. It was still only four days after the girls had died.

We talked about the lies that were circulating in some sections of the media, suggesting that drunken, loutish Liverpool fans without tickets had turned up late to the Hillsborough game and pushed their way in, contributing to the fatal crush - lies that had blackened the names of our children and the other victims who died or were injured that day.

In the first extract from her heart-breaking new book, Jenni Hicks recounted in yesterday's Daily Mail how her two teenage daughters were crushed to death at Hillsborough.

Here, in the second instalment of our three-part serialisation, she describes the aftermath and her anger at officialdom's callous behaviour. 

From here, the story functions a little like the mystery in Yellowjackets. We don't know whether Prairie is telling her new friends the truth or not. We don't know whether she truly has supernatural powers. To them, it doesn't entirely matter. She brings unhappy, trapped people together, showing them the same kindness and understanding they've afforded her. Showing them an escape.

The OA doesn't abide by any strict TV series formula either. The opening credits don't appear until 57 minutes into the show. It was written like an eight-hour film, with a novelistic approach. You don't meet some of the main characters until a third of the way through.

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The original clip was a cheerful story of a viral video showing Black and white toddlers who were best friends; the doctored version added a misspelled banner flashing "Terrified todler runs from racist baby".

It glues itself together with realistic, loyal characters bonded by their harrowing shared ordeals. There's even a believable love story, a flicker of warmth amid the creepy science, cryptic puzzles and trippy imagery.

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"I received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown order this morning for that video, and a few hours later a suspension letter", Donktum posted website on Locals, another digital content platform.

And season 2 is even better than the first. It becomes a noir detective story set in Silicon Valley, where kids, one of whom is played by Zendaya, are disappearing after competing in a VR game on an app. Shot with a more polished look, season 2 is slightly less bleak than the character drama of season 1. There are even attempts at humor -- Marling is no stranger to comedy, appearing in Community and British series Babylon.